PuTTY bug kbdint-instruction-ignored

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summary: SSH keyboard-interactive instructions to user can be discarded
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
difficulty: fun: Just needs tuits, and not many of them.
priority: high: This should be fixed in the next release.
absent-in: 0.58
present-in: 0.59 0.60
fixed-in: r8172 2008-09-10 (0.61) (0.62)

If we get a keyboard-interactive INFO_REQUEST with an "instruction" string but no actual prompts, we discard the whole packet without displaying the instruction.

SunSSH is known to send such packets when providing instructions for password expiry and the like (see for instance this thread).

This was probably introduced around r6437, and hence probably a regression since 0.58 (although I haven't tested it).

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